Rotary Spindle Used for free-surface machining, our rotary head spindle has high torque and high rigidity and is applicable to 5-axis machining centers. Rotary Spindle Head Combine Rotary Spindle with rotary table, has good precision and compact outward. Suitable for 5-axis machining centers and milling & turning integrated CNC Lathe. Equipped with high resolution encoder, achieve high position and repeatable accuracy. Compatible to many kinds major controllers.
Design for Multitasking Milling Turning Center, is an innovative solution which combines both milling and turning technologies in a single machine.
Designed for high speed machining, our built-in motor spindle produces little noise and vibration. At each production stage, the frequency and amplitude response are measured to guarantee operational stability and quality of assembly and to achieve the highest precision under dynamic conditions. Each manufactured spindle goes through computer analysis to ensure optimum stability, long operational life, and low maintenance costs.
With long operational life, our belt driven spindle and a variety of lathe spindle is specifically designed for high stiffness in temperature.
We have a direct drive spindle to compact design of high speed, low noise, long and stable operational life and is adaptable to various drive motors.
Our tapping center spindles are compatible with synchronous tool exchanging and have long tool exchanging operational life, low inertia, high acceleration and deceleration, and low vibration.