The high-speed spindle technology leader Moment

Taiwan's machine tool industry after decades of vigorous development, is now contending, not only the world's fourth highest export value of success, but also to boost the overall technical upgrading of industrial machinery. Generally considered to have such excellent results, the biggest player behind nothing more than a complete processing system and a strong supply chain components, wherein the components manufacturers to play a very important role. These components include a precision spindle, slide, screw, indexing plate, chuck, etc., not only domestic tool factory use rate, and the amount of factory tools Western and Japanese purchases also increased year by year, in 2013 total export amounted to $ 1.07 billion, on behalf of the international market quality standards have been affirmed.

MICROLAB PRECISION TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD.the establishment of the Science and Technology adhere to self-development to meet customer needs, the product has accumulated so far in the spindle 18 of the patented technology, and in order to ensure the quality of the spindle in the manufacturing and inspection test put a very large effort. Zhang Qifeng said that the moment is self-developed standards, innovative design for excellence. In order to make higher precision spindle, every machining processes are rules to follow Step by Step, rigorous really do every one of the basic requirements, and then through sophisticated detection analysis, each of the spindles are manufactured to ensure durability, because of this moment will be the establishment of these 10 years, the order not only to increase annual production line is constantly stable production orders.