The high-speed spindle moment both quality and aesthetics


2014 Taiwan machine tool industry, it is slow-growing year, but the components machine tool industry, but it is up to nearly 25 percent growth a good performance. The headquarters is located in Taichung machine tools, specializing in the production of high-speed spindle moment of science and technology, there is significant growth in the last year. For the moment the order to meet market quality requirements, founded 15 years ago, in the spirit of craftsmen, laboratory focused attitude, crafted so that customers appreciation and praise of the high-speed spindle, successful export Europe and Asia and other regions. In recent years continuous self-improvement, not only innovative, but also the pursuit combination of strength and beauty, industrial aesthetic design import, domestic machine tool components in the field, taking into account the quality and design aesthetics of best practices.

Spindle industry in Taiwan than in other countries later, in the past a lot of high-end models are imported spindle, not only the high cost, relatively maintenance-sales service can not be quickly put in place, this situation has changed recently, not only Taiwan's domestic procurement tool spindle Factory volume increased year by year, the amount of the spindle for export has been increasing annually. Moment will say, general manager Zhang Qifeng, Taiwan original spindle factory has a good production technology, in recent years, contributing to the trend of globalization, the Taiwan factory quality and technical capacity gradually by international recognition, export performance is getting better and better .

In moments of science and technology, in order to improve quality, the establishment of Micro Precision Micro-LAB Laboratory, expect a more subtle practices of research, to improve shaft performance and increase competitive advantage. Zhang, general manager, said the characteristics of industrial products is the overriding quality, reach the customer, you want to get all the orders of discussion. Moment of Science and Technology will be very early this knowledge, we believe in the accuracy and quality of products not only to meet customer standards, and even more stringent demands on themselves exceed customer demand, which is being developed by a technology for quality persist .

There are quality as the foundation, set up in the moment will last ten years, the order not only to increase annual production line is constantly expanding production orders. General manager, said Zhang, innovative research and development is endless, although the high-speed spindle industrial products, but because the core of the machine tool spindle, all eyes will remain on the spindle. So we look the same quality as the spindle, with the exception of nearly 20 patents on new products, we are also focused on the appearance of texture, patented spindle aesthetic appearance.

General manager, said Zhang, the moment will be put on the product aesthetics spared no effort on this product from the past to see it. We hope that through better surface treatment, different color and texture to show the product level, then use the combination of mechanics and aesthetics and build quality like atmosphere, this is the emphasis on product performance, and one can enhance value-added products important element.
(Commercial Times)