Patented technology and high precision components are the leading force behind MicroLab's high speed spindle products. With water-repellant covers, air seals that are made to properly regulate high speed operation while locking out damaging particles, and expertly cut and utilized grooves that allow for heat dissipation, these spindles are designed and precision engineered to deliver high quality results without compromising price or operational life of the component.
High Speed, Reliability, and Optimization

Improvements to the CNC spindle allow it to be used in high speed, high demanding environments without increasing the physical size and power requirements of the spindle itself. These high speed spindles can be ideal for smaller machines that have to fit within certain factory requirements, but they can perform just as well as their larger counterparts. In addition, because of the sealants and repellants used in their construction, they are lower maintenance than other high speed spindles which are available on the market.

    Our high speed spindles can:
  • Use repellents to aid in high-speed cutting while protecting machinery from damage.
  • Use patented guide rings to reduce noise and increase balance and stability.
  • Allow for the usage of water cooling systems with easy connection and installation.
  • Maintain lower part costs through extended life and affordable spindle options, only offering the parts and installations you truly need.

Customized Performance

As a leading Taiwan spindle manufacturer, we understand that specialty spindles are needed for specialty tasks. When you need a spindle that can do the job for a prolonged period of time, and one that you can count on not to have a serious mechanical error, months, or even years after installation, then our specialty spindle selection can provide optimal results that the modern industry demands. Our built-in spindle technology can allow for a decrease in the amount of time needed to assemble the actual spindle head, and an increase in tool exchanging speed. All of this is possible without an increased risk of damaging the spindle itself, which can become expensive.
Software and Calibration
Our balancing software can allow for a further degree of control, with active management of vibration levels and calibration of the spindle itself. High speed spindles, and their software, are all created and balanced around the intended function and use in your operation. We can work with businesses that need to have special spindle modifications as well.
Reliable Results
Finally, stability and maintenance are two important issues with any industrial machinery. Your machining center spindle will have a design that is specifically cut and engineered to dissipate heat from the motor coil, which can aid in the reduction of high temperatures and their degrading effects on machine performance.
We continue to improve the performance of our spindles, and are always looking for news to further optimize what they can do and their overall lifespan in real world operations. MicroLab is committed to providing factories and businesses around the world with some of the very best spindles available on the market. Our dedication is to high quality machining and operational life, and we continue to make great strides in improving both on a continual basis.