2021 EMO MILANO / Owning a R&D team with Innovative design to solve problems for customers.

The manufacturer of high efficacy spindles and rotary table for machining center & high speed owns the power of innovative design, and the most important foundation for new product design for MicroLab is by cooperating and developing with our customers.


On Duty: 8am - 5pm


European Machine Tool Show

04 Oct, 2021 MicroLab
Exhibtion Information
  • Date: 2021/10/04 ~ 2021/10/09
  • Site: HALL 3 G18
  • Website: https://emo-milano.com/en/homepage-4/#login

Machining Center Spindle, High Speed Built-in Motor, Spindle & Rotary Table for 5-Axis Series, Spindle for Multi-Machining Series - MicroLab

Located in Taiwan since 1999, MicroLab Precision Technology Co., Ltd. is a machining spindle manufacturer in Machine Tool Industry. Main products, including Machining Center Spindle, Built in Spindle, Rotary Spindle Head, A/C Double Rotary Spindle Head, Direct Drive Spindle, High Speed Spindle, Pulley Driven Spindle and so forth.

High efficacy spindles & rotary table manufacturing with deep background of Science & Technology to transcend the best performance and safety of products according to the international inspection and evaluation. Milling & turning direct drive spindle, direct drive spindle, built-in motor spindle, direct drive spindle and pulley driven spindle with outstanding characteristics in regards to bearings, speed suitability and machining.

MicroLab has been offering customers high-quality machining spindles, both with advanced technology and 30 years of experience, MicroLab ensures each customer's demands are met.