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Blending of nature and the new modern building, great harmonization between human and nature.

The Light and shadow behind windows vary through seasons, freshen your feeling of breath, have a comfortable smile, with the higher consideration in your mind.

At the sunshine warm afternoon, look the branches and leaves swing with tweeting of birds. In leisure time, come over here for a tour of sensibility.

Integration of High Performance Technology Perfect Process Control to Ensure Stable Quality
Our main purpose at MicroLab is to produce fine-tuned, high performance products through research and design.
MicroLab originated in 1999 at the Precision Machinery Research Development Center, a Taiwanese center focused on fostering the growth of domestic machine tool entrepreneurs. Even with a strong, vibrant machine tool industry, Taiwan still lacked completely domestically sourced and manufactured spindles, independent of foreign manufactured components. In response to this void, MicroLab was established.
To manufacture a product with complete mechanical control and modern technological and metallurgical techniques, we combine innovative research with cutting edge manufacturing technology.
Through careful research, design, assembly, and quality control, the mission at MicroLab is to be a global leader in the fabrication of high speed spindles.

High performance infinitely promotes your competitive strength

Our spirit of strictness and interior standard isn't just for the basic requirement and application, the most important object is to transcend the best performance and safety of products according to the international inspection and evaluation.